Domains of My Expertise


I have been responsible for the strategic architectural decisions, management, and execution of all technology-related aspects of the company's e-commerce operations.


I have a specialized skill set and knowledge base focused on the technology needs and challenges within the pharmaceutical industry. I take my part in leveraging technology to drive innovation, enhance research and development processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve overall operational efficiency within pharmaceutical companies.


I've been focused on the implementation, management, and optimization of VoIP technologies and services within an organization. VoIP enables voice communication over the internet, offering cost-effective and feature-rich alternatives to traditional phone systems. I used to play a significant role in ensuring seamless and secure communication within the organization.


I have good experience with setting up dropshipping stores and can optimize the delivery chains, advice on the suppliers along with integration of their inventory APIs. I have integrated multiple payment gateways for split payment and mass payouts options: Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.NET


With a proven track record in marketplace creation, I've had the privilege of conceptualizing, building, and scaling digital ecosystems that connect buyers and sellers, revolutionizing industries and driving exponential growth. My maximum product load was 2 million products with 19,000 sellers with multiple sellers per one product, bidding for the lowest price.

Billing Platforms

From a raw concept to a fully implemented solution, I specialize in crafting bespoke billing software tailored to each client's unique requirements. It can be an automating invoice generation, integrating with existing accounting systems, or implementing advanced billing models - I have experience with all of that. Touching the telephony and marketplaces, I had a broad experience in implementing cutting edge solutions for subscription services and resource usage tracking

My References

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