We believe a woman's personality shines through her fashion choices.

Zenzii is a leading artfully crafted jewelry wholesaler. They run their own jewelry crafting workshop and provide B2B support for the businesses to distribute their products.

Over the last decade, I have worked closely with Zenzii to significantly transform their B2B operations into a fast and robust e-commerce model. Business clients of Zenzii have the ability to plan their supplying experience that meets the needs of their customers. This self-service model has all core features and functions of Magento 2 and includes custom extensions developed by me. The self-service model is not unique to the industry, but guarantees the correct and timely order fulfillment.

Zenzii customers all enjoy these features and more as a part of their B2B buying experience:

• Set up and control user access, permissions, and purchasing levels within a company customer
• Control shipping and receiving permissions within a company customer
• Robust control over pricing, which can be different and based on a number of factors for every company customer
• Ability to log in as any customer user to see what they are seeing in the purchasing process
• Shop the Look feature - an option to shop the products of a prepared looks and picks
• Other custom B2B functionality

Magento 2, Database Modelling, Google TagManager

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